Membership Notes

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  What is Universal Membership?

  • Universal Membership includes full use of our Fitness Gym, Swimming Pool, Health Suite and Athletics Track (provided it is not already reserved for a booking). It also includes Fitness Assessments, bespoke Fitness Programming and unlimited attendance at all Watershed Fitness Classes.

  What is Swim Only Membership?

  • Swim Only Membership restricts access to our Pool Complex and Health Suite only and does not include Fitness Classes (except our Aquafit Class) or access to the Gym or Athletics Track.

  What is Gym Only Membership?

  • Gym Only Membership restricts access to our Fitness Gym only and does not include access to our Pool Complex, Health Suite or Athletics Track. It also includes Fitness Assessments, bespoke Fitness Programming and unlimited attendance at all Watershed Fitness Classes.

  What is Off-Peak Access?

  • You can access facilities from Monday to Friday between the hours of 7.30am and 5pm only (excluding Bank Holidays) and will pay our Standard Pay as You Go rates for access at any other time.
  • You can attend Watershed Fitness Classes as part of your membership, that occur during off-peak hours and will pay our standard Pay As You Go rates for classes outside of this time.
  • Off-Peak rates are only available on Adult and Couple Universal Memberships.

  What is Adult Membership?

  • Adult Membership is for persons aged 16 years and over.

  What is Family Membership?

  • Family Membership is for one or two Adults who are aged 18 and over and their children aged between 4 and 15 years. Children aged up to and including 3 years are Free Of Charge.
  • Customers who turn 16 years before renewal date are regarded as Children until renewal and will be regarded as single adult members thereafter.

  Who can sign up for Student Membership?

  • Student membership is available to customers in full-time education who are aged 16 years and over.
  • Current/valid Student Identification must be provided or a letter from the School or College confirming your full-time student status

  Does Membership include fitness classes?

  • Universal and Gym Only Membership includes unlimited attendance at Watershed fitness classes.
    Swim Only members can attend Aquafit free of charge and will pay the standard ‘Pay As You Go’ rates for all other classes.
  • Off-peak Members can only attend classes that take place during off-peak hours and will pay the standard ‘Pay As You Go’ rates for all other classes that place from 5pm onwards mid-week, at weekends and Bank Holidays.

  What are the conditions for Direct Debit Memberships?

  • Direct Debit Memberships are issued based on a minimum 12 month contract period
  • Direct Debit Memberships require two months to be paid up-front on the day that you join. This is not refundable.
  • Your first payment is taken from your account on the 1st of the month, every month, after you sign up. 
  • If you wish to cancel your direct debit you must contact Reception and complete a cancellation form which we will process. 
  • We cannot cancel your direct debit unless you complete and submit this cancellation from. 
  • You must also inform your bank yourself. 
  • Once you submit a cancellation form to us, we will not look for any further payments. 
  • Your membership will remain active for two months from the date that you submit the cancellation form, without any payment being taken from your account - this is how you get the value of the two months deposit paid at sign up

  How do I contact The Watershed if I have a query or if I want to book a Fitness Class?

  • Members can register for an online account which they can access via our Website or free Mobile App. Members can view and update their memberships and book classes online via their online account.
  • Our Reception team are more than happy to answer any queries at the desk during opening hours. Customers can also contact a member of the Management team at any time within and outside of opening hours, by sending a message to us via our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages, our Website or our Mobile App.

 If you have any queries regarding your membership or you are a new customer considering purchasing a membership, please contact Mark Downey, Membership Manager by telephone on 056 7734628 or by submitting a query here.