Membership Notes

Some Finer Points

  • Direct Debit options are only available on 12 month memberships. Two months payments will be required up front
  • Off-Peak Membership Hours are 7:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday
  • Children under 16 years cannot become members unless part of a Family Membership
  • Use of the Gym is restricted to persons of age 16 years and older (in the case of free weights, 18 years or older)
  • Members must adhere to our Terms and Conditions
  • ‘Gym Only’ and ‘Full Memberships’ include early morning ‘Members Only’ access to the gym daily 

If you have any queries regarding your membership or you are a new customer considering purchasing a membership, please contact James Quinn (Membership Administrator) by telephone on 056 7734628, by email to or by submitting a query here.