Supplements for Athletes, the only three you should be taking

Thursday, March 26, 2020
"90% of the time with our athletes I’m a whole foods approach kind of guy. It’s much more beneficial in many, many ways (can’t stress this enough) getting what you need from whole fresh foods, rather than chasing down a fist of pills every morning.⁠  However, there are 3 main performance enhancing supplements that you would just not feasibly be able to get adequate amounts in from whole food to elicit the desired outcome there after.⁠  So today I’m going to let you in on the 3 main supplements athletes are using to maximise their training and ultimately improving their performance.⁠
Creatine ⁠
Primary benefit improves strength and power output during resistance exercise, may modestly increase lean mass, has been shown to improve running capacity.⁠ Dosage – 3-5 grams per day everyday (cycle between 8 weeks on 3 weeks off) ideally take before training, but any time of day will do, just once your consistent making sure not to miss a day.⁠
Beta alanine
Primary function buffers acidity and can prolong the ability of muscles to function under stressful conditions which leads to increases in endurance performance.⁠  Dosage – 3-5 grams per day every day before training.⁠
Primary function buffers acidity, prolongs the ability of muscles to function under stressful conditions, leading to increases in endurance performance. ⁠Dosage – 2-3 grams per day every day before training.⁠
But guys you’ve got to stay safe, so I’m preaching that if you supplement with these or anything please make sure that they are batch tested to avoid any possible contamination with banned substances. Check out @informedsport⁠
Guys my door is always open, so if you have any question head over to the link in our bio to find the best ways to get in touch" - Aaron Finn, March 26th 2020
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