Open Enrolment for Children's Lessons

Monday, October 11, 2021

Open Enrolment for the next term of Children's Group Swimming Lessons will take place on Saturday October 30th from 7am to 10am here at The Watershed, in our Sports Hall.

We are not open before 7am and there will be no access inside The Watershed before that time.  Demand is extremely high, please be prepared to queue.

Please understand that the amount of spaces that we will have available will be limited.  Availability depends upon the assessment results of the children who are currently taking part in lessons - some will need to repeat their level, some will move on to the next level and some will drop out - we won't know availability until Friday October 29th and we will publish this information on Facebook at approximately 9pm.  Please check this information before attending for enrolment.

If you are unsure of what level to enrol your child into, please check here for more information and advice and contact us in advance of October 30th if you are still unsure, we are always happy to help.

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