Instructions for using new Online Enrolment Process


If you proceed with a booking, you are accepting all associated Terms and Conditions, please note

  • The booking window is strictly from 9am on August 12th
  • You must book the correct swim Level, your child will not be moved to a different level once booking is completed and your payment will be refunded to you if the correct level is not available


1) Go to the Booking Link which will be provided by The Watershed at 8:45am on Friday morning August 12th

2) Select Sign up on the right-hand side of the page and fill in your child’s details as per below, you will not be able to proceed with the booking unless all fields marked * are filled in

  •   STEP 1/3
    - Club* The Watershed
    - Title* Parent/Guardian
    - First Name* enter your child’s first name
    - Surname* enter your child’s surname
    - Date of Birth* enter your child’s date of birth
    - Gender* select your child’s gender
    - Preferred Language* English
    - Email* enter your email address
    - Password* create your password
    - Confirm Password* re-enter the password you’ve just created
  • STEP 2/3
    - Post Code* enter the post code for your home address
    - House and Street* enter your home address in all fields marked with *
    - Main Phone number
    - Emergency Contact Name*
    - Emergency Contact Number*
  • STEP 3/3
    - Check any box that applies to your child

3) Select Create Member (right-hand side of screen), you will then be brought to the Home Screen

4) Select the down arrow on Make Bookings (left-hand side of screen)

5) Select Sports Courses
    - If you want a Level 1 Space, type Level 1 where you see Course Name and select Search, this will bring up the days and times for Level 1 OR
    - If you want to see all Levels, days and times, leave all fields blank and select Search

6) Browse list of courses and select Pay In Full on the one you want to book

7) Select Register at the bottom of the screen

8) Select your child’s name under Participant

9) Select Add to Basket

10) Select Continue

11) Click to accept terms and conditions

12) Select Continue

13) Click to confirm billing information

14) Select Pay Now

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