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Saturday, June 27, 2020
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I have developed my coaching method over the past few years, by working with athletes and continuing my education. I am a firm believer in education over dictation and would rather guide you along a path than just tell you what to do.⁠
My journey started with a lot of trial and error and some shitty experiences as an athlete myself and working in performance institutes and the health & fitness industry. I soon realized that there’s a lot of miss-information and serious negligence of the athlete’s wellbeing. The popular trend appeared to be ‘blind them with science’, focus on the perfect program, spit it out at them and dictate what and how they should train, eat and perform. So the athlete was never aware of what’s going on. When things get to breaking point or systems fail, the athlete has no clue why it went wrong, because the understanding was never there to begin with.⁠
So as a coach, this is what I now try to avoid at all costs. ⁠
I base my coaching method around first building trust in the relationship, by being transparent with whatever approach we are considering. I'll educate you on all the routes we can go down and the pros & cons of each one. I will walk along whichever path you choose, you will make the ultimate decisions, with the tools and knowledge you’ve gained through me educating you.⁠
Guys, my door is always open, don’t be a stranger.⁠
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