Deciding to purchase one of our many membership options can be a big decision and depending upon your goals, one that requires a certain amount of discipline and dedication. But the improvements that membership can make to your everyday life are considerable and very much worth the commitment. As a Watershed member you will have easy access to a vast range of top class facilities and fitness classes, and this along with the help and encouragement from our expert staff will make it that little bit easier for you! Our membership options are many and each one offers value for money. The membership team will guide you through the options available and help you decide which one is best for you, meaning that you will never pay any more money than what you need to. We tend to know all our members by name and customer service is a huge priority for us. Once members start to take care of their bodies, be it as a swimmer, a fitness class enthusiast, a track and field athlete, soccer player or gym user, they can often find that they are soon rewarded right back with improved circulation, sleep patterns, physical health, well-being, greater energy levels and a more social lifestyle. The benefits are very much mental as they are physical. In short, your membership will provide:

  • Assistance from experts
  • Access to first class facilities and equipment
  • Fitness testing
  • Custom programming
  • A variety of group fitness classes
  • Motivation and Support
  • First class customer service

JOIN TODAY and start enjoying the benefits for yourself!